The Holidays and Social Media: 3 Quick Tips

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Yes, social media is a topic of discussion in therapy.  Every day.

And, we are right at that time of year when people are posting about their holiday activities and we might have a little more time or temptation to be keeping up with what’s going on.

This is going to be short and sweet.

Before social media takes you down like quick sand, consider these 3 things:

ONE: Reminder!  People don’t post the whole story.

Yup, anyone can get a good group shot, a cute selfie or a nice holiday scene going on.  And there is no mention of the tension you could cut with a knife in the room or comments under someone’s breath or out loud criticism or bickering.

Just remember, there’s always more than meets the eye.  I don’t mean that all family situations or holiday activities are rife with conflict or difficult moments.  But we are human beings living a human life.  Things are not always perfect, no matter how they look.

You know this.  It’s just a reminder!

TWO:  Give yourself some support to resist temptation.  Track your screen time.

There’s an app that will help you with managing your phone use so you can be a more mindful and engaged participant in life (and the holidays!).  It’s called Moment.  It’s free!

And it can help you build some more awareness about what you are doing with your time and your phone.  This time with loved ones is precious.  We don’t get it back.

And, the phone and social media scrolling can take away that time as well as take your mood into a downward spiral of comparison.  Just not worth it.

The app has different features that allow you to track your screen time, limit it at certain times or help you get in a range of usage that feels good for you.  It actually tells you if you are in the green, yellow or red zone with your usage levels.  Aren’t you curious to see what zone you are in? This would be a good time to download it.

THREE:  If you do find yourself comparing your life with what people post on social media, use those feelings as goals for the new year.

Yes, we can have good intentions that fall by the way side.  Let’s say you fall down that rabbit hole of comparing and envy.

Well, jealousy is an emotion that comes to tell you about what you want and do not yet have in your life or are not allowing in your life.

So, if jealousy or envy arise, it’s a great opportunity to see clearly what you would like to create in your life in the new year.  It’s also a great time to think about ways that you may have inadvertently been blocking a deepening of your friendships, a healing of your relationship with your father, a romantic relationship, more financial abundance or the opportunity to travel more.

If you aren’t sure what is getting in the way, journal about it. Or talk to a close friend and get their reflections or start seeing a therapist.  There is support around you for you to have what you want in your life.

I hope you enjoy a meaningful holiday season and come out of this time with some more peace and enjoyment or with some goals as you head into the new year!


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