What If You Are TOO Accountable?

too accountable, emotional health, relationships, boundaries

It’s a thing: being too accountable. The concept of being responsible for your actions is a positive and empowering message communicated by good parents, respectable organizations, teachers, mental health professionals, leaders with integrity and many others.  And it should be. It is an important skill: to know how to be accountable.  Knowing how to be…

Did You Know That Shame Is Not An Emotion?

Shame is not an emotion, Shame, Emotional Health, Human Emotional System

Shame is not exactly a feeling. Shame is an experience human beings have—like depression or anxiety. It is also often a numbing agent. This is not a conscious process.  You don’t think to yourself: “Oh, I will just feel ashamed in order to numb myself.”  If you’ve experienced shame, which you probably have, you know…