What Does Self Care Actually Mean? [Hint: it’s not planning a vacation or getting organized]

Self Care, Self Love, Counseling

Buying something nice for yourself, planning a vacation, or getting organized can feel good. And you know there are times when those things barely scratch the surface of what you actually need. These are times where all you want to do is avoid, fix or stop what you are feeling. You want relief. These...

The Single Most Important Factor that Determines Whether You Can Get Through an Issue

willlingness, key to problem solving, key to personal growth, counseling, mindfulness

Willingness. It is the one thing that determines how successful my clients are in therapy, and ultimately, in their life. Why?  Because it is a state of openness. Ultimately, if there is a challenge showing up, it is happening because there is an adjustment needed. A lesson wants to be learned.  A shift wants...