You are looking for counseling. 

Sometimes you don't know what to do anymore.  You are probably a smart person and have tried everything you can to solve the situation that has you looking for counseling right now.

That's actually a good place to be.

Maybe you are worried there is something really wrong with you, your child, your spouse or your marriage.  What if there is actually nothing terribly wrong?

Instead, what if you are just at the point where you really are being called to make a change?  When you are on the verge of real growth, a challenge overwhelms your current way of dealing with life, which pushes you to do something new.  Sometimes you are not sure what that "something new" is supposed to be.

We can support you.

At One Heart Counseling Center, we are here to help you work with this very human process of learning how to use challenges to make changes that end up being for the highest good.

The emotions coming up in this challenge are actually a very helpful guide.  Think about it like "internal GPS".  We can help you use the human emotional system to your advantage so you know what that "internal GPS" is trying to guide you toward.

Give us a call, we want to hear about your challenge and find out how we can help you make this easier.  Contact us at 310-218-7518 or fill out our contact form.

We have offices both in Manhattan Beach and Costa Mesa.

LGBTQ+ ally support counseling centerOne Heart Counseling Center is inclusive and welcoming of people from all walks of life including the LGBTQ+ community.

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