Let’s Talk About This Strategy: Ignore Your Child’s Tantrums or Big Feelings

child screaming while mom holds her ears and ignore

This is a big parenting technique that has been taught for decades about how to deal with tantrums and big feelings: just ignore them. And, if we’re being honest, it makes sense coming from a behavioral perspective – reinforce behaviors you want to see more of and ignore behaviors you want to see less...

I know Fight or Flight, But What is A “Fawn” Trauma Response?

lady alone at a table looking down

There’s a lot more information about trauma out there on social media now, which is great because it elevates collective awareness around trauma and how it impacts our daily lives.  You’ve probably heard of flight or flight as responses to trauma triggers, but you may not have heard so much about what the “fawn”...

3 Ways to Create Trust and Connection Without Being Perfect

two hands holding a heart; trust and connection

We have entered the holiday season and perfectionism is something that can come up now more than other times of the year, especially for perfectionists.  However, you can create trust and connection without being perfect. In our last blog post we talked about the cost of perfectionism and about the fear and anxiety that...