Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is like a version of individual therapy, but it is happening in tandem.  

We see relationships as the ultimate opportunity for growth.  Getting the most out of couples therapy does not mean each person pointing the finger at the other one and seeing who the therapist says is right, even though that can be REALLY tempting. 

It means that you each come in to look at yourself and what is coming up for you as a result of what is occurring in your relationship.  You can point fingers at each other at home!  For free!  

We are there to help you wade through the distracting material and get closer to the root of the matter.

We are here to help you see where your relationship is calling for your growth and where the relationship is calling for your partner's growth.  If you each do the work and make a commitment to that, you have a very good chance at being successful in therapy. 

Give us a call at 310-218-7518 or fill out a contact form.  We would love to hear from you and offer our support.