Which 5 Basics are Essential to Your Mental Health

food, water, movement, rest

When clients are going through a difficult time, they often want to work through the stressors.  Of course.  However, I often redirect them to really focusing on the basics to create a stable platform from which to address what is happening.  Creating that stability makes approaching any stressor much more effective. You might feel...

5 Instagram Accounts That Can Support Your Growth (and help detox your feed)

Supporting mental health daily

There are some great Instagram accounts out there that break down old ways of thinking and teach according to current concepts and findings in the psychology world. I love how these therapists, coaches and teachers are able to capture complex concepts and put them into digestible infographics or quotes. Following accounts like these are...

Did You Know Foods You Crave May Be Related to Brain Chemicals and Emotions You Are Trying to Balance?


Julie Simon, MFT is an Los Angeles based therapist who works with people and their relationship with food. She has written When Food is Comfort and The Emotional Eaters Repair Manual. She also runs Overeating Recovery groups and has a 12 week program that can be done in person or remotely. I recently received...