Resource: The Empowered Family (teaching kids body safety, boundaries and consent)

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I was having a conversation at the gym this morning with my running coach about how there has been a change in the last decade related to what people are looking for when they come to therapy. Of course, people contact us when they are in difficult situations. Naturally.

AND, at an increasing rate, people contact us because they “know it is time to do some work” or “need a check in” or “want some extra support through a big change”, not because there is a crisis.

I learned about The Empowered Family a few weeks ago.

I was immediately intrigued by Rosalia Rivera’s concept of teaching kids body safety, power and consent in a non-fear based, instead in an empowering way. (She’s doing this and more!) Dip your toe in and see what her work is about here.

Parents talk to us at One Heart about this all the time:

…wanting to make sure their kids are safe while not teaching them that the world is a scary place. Parents will share the struggle to allow their kids to do certain activities because it brings up fears about things the have happened in the family’s history.

And, Rosalia has created a program that brings a healthy and whole hearted solution.

This is what I mean.

Yes, people will continue to engage in therapy to heal trauma. That is needed.

And, more and more people can access this kind of guidance as a preventative measure, a way open up empowered dialogue and shift the tide for a healthier future.

We live in a time where we have access to this information, where people have the courage to bring forward their gifts, passion and information like this to support coming generations and do that will less pain, fear and struggle.

I felt so excited about what Rosalia is offering that I wanted to share it with you.

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