Resource: 2 minute Quick Coherence® Technique from the HeartMath Institute

This short technique is scientifically tested and proven to create well being physically and emotionally that we thought might be helpful to share in this moment.

It’s a great thing to practice when you are going to transition activities, like from work to engage with you partner or child.

It works well to start and end your day on a grounded and positive note.

It can support you in a moment of frustration to help you reset.

Just follow this brief video below and then you will have it to use anytime you need it.

If you are not familiar with the HeartMath Institute, go here to learn more.

They are offering their program The HeartMath Experience for free at the moment. It is a series of short videos that offer 4 easy techniques to increase heart coherence and to learn about the importance and impact of heart coherence. I absolutely recommend!!

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