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Blissful Kids was created by a Dad who started teaching mindfulness to his son at just 6 years old.

I found this website when I was looking for ways to teach my clients mindfulness strategies. I have used this website to support kids, families and teens in understanding how mindfulness works as well as in skill building.

There are some great activities and information on the website that is free. And they just released a course to support parents/educators/therapists in teaching mindfulness to kids and teens that is super affordable.

Mindfulness comes up time and again as I work with my clients.

The ability to observe oneself in the moment is one of the most important fundamental life skills because it is at the root of everything.

Having that skill supports every relationship in your life because you are able to notice and shift patterns.

If you are not able in the moment, then after. And you can build up to being able to make changes in the moment when old patterns are coming up. My clients get SO EXCITED when they have their first experience of catching an old pattern starting to unfold in the moment and shifting it. I do too!!

It helps with anxiety since anxiety is often a tangle of unprocessed emotions.

If you are able process emotions (by just being aware of them–read more about why that is true here), then they don’t get added to that tucked away pile of emotions. The more unprocessed emotion, the more anxiety you can experience. So, you can reverse that debt through mindfulness.

It helps with being able to confront any single challenge that arises.

We can’t control all circumstances that are going to arise in life. It’s impossible. The best way to feel empowered and safe regardless of what happens is knowing that you can handle what arises. You do that by processing the feelings and experiences. That literally happens through the ability to be mindfully present with what is occurring. Read more about this here.

Think about giving this gift to yourself and your kids and how incredibly powerful that is.

I know, as a good parent, you think about making sure your kids or teens are developing healthy nutritional, physical, sleep, social and work habits. This falls in the same category. Emotional health and well being is just as critical. It literally forms the ground level of our ability to function healthfully in all areas.

It’s never too early or too late to start!

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