Community Resource: South Bay Families Connected with Anna Pirkl, MFT, ATR, LAADAC Talking about Improving Mental Health Through Kindness

Anna Pirkl, MFT, ATR, LAADAC, one of our One Heart therapists, partners with South Bay Families Connected to do outreach in the community on her own time, outside of her work with OHCC.

South Bay Families Connected is a non-profit organization whose mission it is “to improve the social and emotional wellness of South Bay youth by supporting parents in our efforts to help our kids reach their full potential and live healthy, fulfilling lives”

She regularly presents at schools and community events to provide education about mental health and offer creative ideas to shift toward emotional health and well being.

Obviously that is a big positive contribution to the community. At the same time, it allows her to be intimately acquainted with schools and people in the community. That way she can stay current and connected to the places and people with whom her clients interact.

Check out her latest work in this blog post with South Bay Families Connected focusing on Improving Mental Health Through Spreading Kindness.

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