8 Referrals Your Therapist Might Offer 

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Therapy is a great place to start to get support.  Having someone who can help you evaluate, organize and cope with the struggles you and/or your family are facing can initiate necessary change and healing.  

And, at some point your therapist may determine that another type of professional may be needed to fully reach your goals.  Sometimes this is in addition to therapy, sometimes it is instead of therapy,  if therapeutic goals are met.  Your therapist can connect you with resources and other professionals so that you receive the services that you need.  

Let’s look at a few:

Testing Psychologist 

If you or your child are struggling relationally or at work/school, a testing psychologist might be able to help clarify what might be contributing to the challenge.  A testing psychologist administers tests to evaluate underlying issues and rule out any diagnoses that are creating difficulties.  

The tests may determine if they have issues with anger management, learning differences, interpersonal skills or if there is an emotional disorder at play.  These tests are used to identify a diagnosis and guide treatment; which is why it may be recommended by a therapist so that a focused treatment plan can be established.  

Educational therapist

If a child is struggling in school it can lead to a variety of other problems within and outside of school.  The Child Mind Institute defines an educational therapist as  “a professional who is trained to understand an individual child’s learning challenges, and the patterns and behaviors he has developed to work around, or mask, his deficits.”   An educational therapist will focus on emotional and cognitive factors so they can improve behaviors and build skills necessary to become a successful learner.

My Ed Therapist is a resource that One Heart Counseling Center recommends.  They are a team of educational therapists who all have different specialities and are committed to giving people back their access to learning.  Learn more about them here.

Educational Advocate

When a child is not receiving services at school, not making progress in their education or an Individualize Education Plan (IEP)  is not being followed, an educational advocate  can help.  

The advocate can provide support and assistance to parents when they are unsure of their next steps or how to get the help they need for their child. Services an Educational Advocate can provide include: direct advocacy and representation in IEP meetings, IEP reviews & development, school observations, and more.  (https://ldaamerica.org/advocacy/what-is-advocacy/)

You can find more resources by visiting https://www.disabilityrightsca.org/get-help

Educational Consultant

An educational consultant provides support and guidance to families who have a child that requires a more or a different kind of support than is typically offered.  They can identify and recommend appropriate schools and programs for a child and their specific needs as educational consultants have a wide network and extensive, intimate knowledge of programs available to serve a range of needs.  

They can also consult with teachers, administrators and therapists and serve as a liaison for the family when trying to find the most appropriate program or placement.  This will ensure that everyone working with a student is on the same page.  

Our recommendations for educational consultants are Presley Consulting, Brandi Elliott and The SC Group.

Vocational Counselor

A vocational counselor facilitates services to develop the skills and abilities of a person so they can reach their vocational goals.  The counselor typically works with a team to develop a plan to help a person become employed.  By providing assistance and support to gain and retain employment, a vocational counselor can help people become more financially stable and independent; which, in turn, improves their emotional well-being. 

Benefits Counselor

Financial struggles can trigger emotional stress in other areas of a person’s life.  If someone receives state or federal benefits like SSI, housing assistance or medicaid they may not understand how working affects their benefits.  

A benefits counselor will explain how earnings from work will affect Social Security benefits and how Social Security Work Incentives can enable a person to ease the transition to work without immediately losing their benefits. 

They will also explain the importance of reporting wages to Social Security to help avoid benefit overpayments. Here is a great resource (https://choosework.ssa.gov/library/fact-sheet-benefits-counseling-and-the-path-to-employment)

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

Going through a divorce is very stressful and causes emotional distress. The process is a challenge on many levels and in many areas, especially the area of finances.  Most people do not have the energy, or clarity of mind, to focus on the details of money matters. 

A certified divorce financial analyst will guide the client and their lawyer in making smart financial decisions.  This professional will have a background in accounting, financial planning or law and will go through specialized training to be certified in this area.  


Our brains and our gastrointestinal system are closely related, therefore, what we eat can have an impact on our emotions.   Proper nutrition can reduce mood fluctuations, increase the ability to focus, and help with symptoms of depression and anxiety.  A nutritionist can help individuals come up with a healthy eating plan which will have a positive impact on their wellness and overall mental health. 

At One Heart Counseling Center, we are invested in you and want you to receive the treatment that is going to be most beneficial to your success. 

If there is another professional that can really support  your progress, whether that is in addition to or instead of therapy, we are committed to making sure you get the help you need.  Contact us today to get started.

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