Ever Wonder What Your Feelings Mean? Here is the Meaning Behind 10 Common Emotions and What to Do With Them

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Emotions are messengers from the internal world.

They were designed that way.  They are here to help you survive and thrive.  Not be a nuisance.

When you pay attention to them and keep them clear, you have way more time and energy for the things that are really important to you.

That's why I'm writing this!

Just as a quick refresher about the Human Emotional System before I share the round up of posts about each of those 10 feelings: 

Each emotion has a general message it wants to convey.  Once that message is delivered (meaning you accept that it is present and that its presence is OK) the wave of that emotion can be processed.

Sometimes there are multiple waves of the emotion. Sometimes it takes a little time for the emotion to process through the body, sometimes it is relieved right away.  It just depends.

It's important to remember that there are nuances to the system. Each emotion also has a spectrum of how helpful it can be.

In the posts about each different feeling below, I go through the basic message of the emotion as well as a couple of strategies so you can download any important information the feeling is trying to bring forward.  That way the emotion can make progress toward resolution so you can move forward.


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Anger means your protection system is activated.

It provides protection in two ways:

1.  It lets you know that one or more of your boundaries have been crossed. 

2. It protects other, more vulnerable emotions like fear, sadness, disappointment.


Sadness means something needs to be released.


Fear wants you to pay attention to a physical or emotional threat so you can assess the level of danger and have enough energy to address the threat.


Disappointment reveals a gap between our expectations, beliefs or assumptions and reality.


Irritation is telling you that you need space.


Guilt is a feeling that arises when you have traveled outside the bounds of your values and ethics.


Jealousy is an arrow pointing to what you desire and do not yet have.


Frustration wants to let you know that something is blocking your way and you need to "helicopter up" to see the obstacle so you can remove it or find an alternate route.


Disgust wants to let you know that there is something it wants to remove from your emotional system.


Joy drives you to find more of whatever is generating that "good" feeling.

Its main message is: let's find more of that!

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