Give this Gift: it’s free and it will make your holiday sweeter

Have you seen the Mr. Rogers movie? If you haven’t, the part I loved the most (without giving anything away) is how aware he was of others.

Somewhere along the line in your holiday season this year, there will be someone who is making a celebration possible or making an effort bring in the holiday spirit in ways that you don’t readily see.

They might be planning menus, sending emails, setting up events, cleaning their homes, spending more than they thought they would, taking time out of their day that makes your holiday season sweeter.

It could be your family member, someone in your office, a neighbor, a professional contact, your kid’s friend’s parent helping them pick out a gift for your kid. Anybody!

So here’s the gift you can give.

See that person and their effort. You know that so many households, businesses, schools have holiday celebrations and there is someone spending hours of their own time and effort (and money!) putting that together. Go to that person and give them your gratitude for what they are offering you and your loved ones.

They may never have been thanked before.

Because what they do might have come to be “expected”. Whether it is expected or not, it is their gift and they will be touched to have been seen.

Giving that acknowledgment and gratitude can go a long way. It’s free. It will bring you joy and it creates a ripple of kindness.

All it requires is your presence to notice.

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