Resource [time sensitive]: Getting Your Kids to Play on Their Own

Kids playing independently

Working from home with kids is not the easiest. Especially if you haven’t spent years perfecting it!

I came across this FREE resource and wanted to share it with you. It is a presentation and “how to” cheatsheet that will help you set up your young kids to play independently. Here it is.

Not only is it helpful to your stress level and your work, it is supportive to their development physically, emotionally and intellectually.

This resource is presented by The Parenting Junkie.

The woman behind The Parenting Junkie is Avital and she is a mindful parenting coach. She gets the humanness of parenting and has great information and resources available on her website in case the presentation link (above) comes down before you get to it.

Check her out here: https://www.theparentingjunkie.com

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