Local and Online Resources for Back to School (at home)

Back to School at Home

What a different “back to school” transition this year. Hopefully it feels a little more organized or manageable than having to suddenly switch to school online in the middle of a school year. And, I know that looking down the pike at many more months of this can bring challenges of its own.

We wanted to highlight some resources in case they are helpful to you. You do not have to do this alone!

Locally, Brain Bridge and My Ed Therapist are excellent resources to support your family in this school at home process.

Brain Bridge‘s Attention & Executive Function Education Specialists are offering onsite (in person) and virtual home school help.

My Ed Therapist is offering Learning Management Services that include homeschool pods, facilitating Zoom calls with school, accountability and check ins to make sure everything is on track.

There is also a great compilation of free resources to support leaning from home here for all different ages.

This is also a good opportunity to be able to put the information you discovered about your child last year to use.

You might have found out that your student handles their school day pretty independently and are bothered when you are too involved.

You might have found out that they get overwhelmed easily or get anxious, so implementing some structure like a schedule for work periods and breaks, starting the day with physical activity, implementing a basic routine in the morning to get into school mode or a regular daily check in to make sure things are on track could be helpful.

You might have found that your kids learn best through experiences so adding outings or activities that correlate to what your child is learning in school is helpful or fun. Brainstorm or divide up those duties with other parents so you don’t have to come up with it all on your own.

You might find that your work schedule makes you unavailable on certain days/certain times, so you can plan ahead around that with your student and others in your household.

You might have found that your kid is truly an extrovert and it’s helpful to create a quaranteam or a group of a couple of friends that have the same boundaries as you do around exposure to outside. That quarenteam can have a regular outdoor activity they do together each week or multiple times a week.

Regardless of planning and doing your ultimate, very best, there will be challenges. And, that’s OK.

Perfect is not necessary!

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