Community Resource: Leah Neihaus, LCSW interviewed by Nikki Eby, MFT, ATR-BC

Teen Therapy, Community Resource

I first had the opportunity of interacting with Leah Niehaus, LCSW when she invited One Heart Counseling Center to share about mindfulness, emotional awareness, and facilitate an art therapy activity at one of her daughter’s National Charity League (NCL) monthly meetings. Leah informed us that this year’s focus for the 8thgrade group was Social...

What Does Self Care Actually Mean? [Hint: it’s not planning a vacation or getting organized]

Self Care, Self Love, Counseling

Buying something nice for yourself, planning a vacation, or getting organized can feel good. And you know there are times when those things barely scratch the surface of what you actually need. These are times where all you want to do is avoid, fix or stop what you are feeling. You want relief. These...