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Last month, One Heart Counseling Center hosted a training on LGBQ+ and trans-affirming therapy practices, and it was incredible!

Jamie Swanson, therapist and trainer at OC Holistic Therapy, paid us a visit and shared a wealth of information on trans-competent and compassionate clinical work.

I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Jamie as a powerful and positive presence in the Orange County therapy community while building connections with neighbors of One Heart Counseling Center’s Costa Mesa office.  

Among the many folks I’ve talked to, Jamie stands out as a person with a clear vision of her work, a forward-thinking style, and a knack for relationship-building.

I’m excited to recommend Jamie as a training resource because she makes it feel welcoming, warm, and inspiring to talk about what it takes to be LGBQ+ and trans-affirming.

Many of us have an intention of being affirming and accepting of people in the trans and gender expansive communities, but aren’t sure about the specifics of how to do this.

My own process of learning how to make my words and actions match this intention hasn’t always been smooth. 

As a therapist who aims to affirm people of all genders, I have sometimes found myself confused about language, terminology, and implicit signals about gender.  It’s frustrating (and ineffective) to try to be open and accepting while also being afraid to enter a discussion because of missing information. 

If you’re feeling like this, there’s a clear answer:  Get informed!

The training Jamie offered us explained language “do’s and don’ts,” provided information about the transition process, and debunked transphobic myths.  Jamie also shared concrete suggestions for making our workspaces trans-affirming, including altering paperwork, posting Safe Zone posters, using “All Gender Restroom” signs, and adding our own gender pronouns into email signatures.

To talk with Jamie about setting up your own LGBQ+ and trans-affirming training, visit her site here.

If you’re hungry for information right now, check out Gender Spectrumand National Center for Transgender Equality

For local resources, visitThe LGBT Center OCor The Los Angeles Gender Center

In addition to being a wonderful LGBQ+ and trans-affirming trainer, Jamie is a resource for OC residents who are seeking holistic therapy.

Jamie describes holistic therapy as an approach to caring for the mind by focusing on the many aspects that make up a whole person and appreciating ways in while these aspects work together in a synergistic fashion;physiologically, psychologically, spiritually, socio-culturally, & environmentally.  To learn more about Jamie’s holistic therapy practice, visit her site here.

A few more offerings to check out:

Jamie facilitates a trans-affirming therapy group called “Trans Adulting” for trans and non-binary folks ages 18-28.  The group meets weekly to discuss issues like transition, relationships, independence, community, family, self-esteem, health, and culture.

Because of her belief in the mind-body connection, Jamie also founded OC Therapists & Healers Connect, a networking group where mental health therapists, holistic doctors, acupuncturists, nutritionists, meditation guides, sound healers, yoga instructors, reiki practitioners, and other holistic healers meet monthly to share ideas and build connections.

Thank you, Jamie!  We appreciate the work you do.

**Written by Lily Tsutsumida, MFT, ATR-BC, staff therapist at One Heart Counseling Center in Costa Mesa

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