What if you stopped going to therapy? Can you start back again?

Open door to go back to therapy

Life gets in the way. Schedules change. Maybe you were feeling better (that’s the point!), but now you need some support and you don’t want to have to start from the beginning.

Are you apprehensive about what your therapist will think if you want to come back after you kinda just dropped off?

It’s OK.

If you built up a relationship with your therapist (meaning they had a chance to connect with you, know about your background and what you were working on) your therapist remembers you. We can’t help but remember you.

People have to work in their own time, according to their own will and motivation to make progress. External and internal conditions contribute to these factors. And, really, the magic ingredient of therapy that moves the needle is your readiness and investment.

Every therapist wants to do great work with someone who is ready.

That doesn’t mean we won’t talk about the timing because there could always be helpful information there that will help you move forward. But we are never judging it.

So, when you want to come back to therapy, your therapist’s door is open.

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