What Does Self Care Actually Mean? [Hint: it’s not planning a vacation or getting organized]

Self Care, Self Love, Counseling

Buying something nice for yourself, planning a vacation, or getting organized can feel good. And you know there are times when those things barely scratch the surface of what you actually need. These are times where all you want to do is avoid, fix or stop what you are feeling. You want relief. These...

Community Resource: OC Holistic Therapy, LGBQ+ and trans-affirming therapy and training

Community Resources, LGBTQ+

Last month, One Heart Counseling Center hosted a training on LGBQ+ and trans-affirming therapy practices, and it was incredible! Jamie Swanson, therapist and trainer at OC Holistic Therapy, paid us a visit and shared a wealth of information on trans-competent and compassionate clinical work. I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Jamie as...