Quarantine Special: 3 Session Package (online)

We know these are challenging times and want to offer you support. 

We know that starting therapy might seem like a daunting endeavor at the moment. And, you might be feeling the need for some guidance with the big changes afoot and containment for the ways the stress can manifest (anxiety, escalating fears, tensions building, depressive symptoms etc). So we wanted to offer you a way to be proactive in keeping yourself and/or your family emotionally resilient.

For Families

Session 1: A parent or family session focused on supporting your family in creating a structure that works while everyone is home so there is consistency and routine to create a sense of safety while things are uncertain.

Session 2: A sibling session focused on building positive communication and engagement strategies to reduce sibling fighting.

Session 3: A family session focused on positive communication strategies to manage stressors arising (such as communicating needs for space or activity, fears coming up, transitions back to school or into activities when that time comes).

For Individual Adults:

Session 1: Establishing a work from home structure for yourself so that you can find some stability in the uncertainty.

Session 2: Exploring and addressing fears, providing you with some strategies you can immediately implement for relief.

Session 3: Identifying areas of resiliency, support network and ways you can stay connected to your support network as you are managing what comes up through social isolation.


You can also collaborate with your therapist to come up with a goal or outlines for sessions that suits your family’s situation. The above is simply a suggestion.

Price: $480 for three sessions. This is a 20% discount from standard rates. Payments are made as sessions are completed, not in a lump sum.

These sessions can be done spread out or can be done in the course of a week. 

**This is for new clients to One Heart Counseling Center.

Please contact us at 310-218-7518 or fill out our contact form. We would love to support you in being proactive about your emotional well being.

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