About Us

Being of "One Heart" means to be attuned to life's deeper meaning and aligned with one's higher purpose.  Being of "One Heart" is about integration and alignment, being congruent "within" and "without" and knowing that we are all of "one heart".

The goal of the work we do here at One Heart Counseling Center is to help you integrate all parts of who you are so you can be in alignment with human nature and your individual gifts.

The Beginning

I always knew I was a sensitive person and was often regarded as "moody" in my family.  Feeling misunderstood and not knowing why I couldn't "just forget" about my feelings made me curious about how human beings work.

Over the course of my work as a therapist, I have come to find that the Human Emotional System is actually the source of Vital Wisdom. It is not just a distraction from the "more important things in life".  I notice that working with the information from our Human Emotional System and aligning with our nature as human beings means less chaos, depression and anxiety.  All the energy wasted on the chaos of feelings we resist or don't understand gets to be redirected and utilized to create what we really want out of life.

Having a boutique private practice for several years, I was able to see and support many clients.  However,  I knew this message about working with our human nature rather than against it needed to expand.  I would not be able to personally see as many people as I wanted to reach. 

One Heart Counseling Center was Created

In hiring the therapists who work here, I have taken the time to get to know them, spent time aligning our gifts so we are working together toward the vision of One Heart.  Our clinicians are highly qualified and have specialized training in their areas of expertise to provide the kind of care that our clients need.

Our Expansion

One Heart has expanded to create information about our Human Emotional System and human nature that is available to all and accessible online through our blog.

One Heart will also expand to offer online courses focused on the Human Emotional System as well as using art to learn to connect to internal wisdom that is beyond logic and conscious awareness.

These offerings are geared toward becoming ever more in alignment with oneself, learning how to use the experience of being human to evolve and to be of one heart.