eBook: 12 Creative Experiences for Personal Growth in Recovery

EBook Art Therapy for Recovery

One of my favorite things about Anna Pirkl, MFT, ATR, LAADC is that she is committed on every level to growth and healing. For herself, for her clients, and for her community.

Over the years of working together (over 6 years!), Anna has shown me that commitment through the prolific ideas she brings forward on how to offer support. This is in addition to all the social action and community work she does (outside of her work with clients) to make sure that people know there is a way to create and sustain emotional health and resilience.

When Anna brought forward this idea of publishing an eBook of art experiences geared toward supporting the work people do in recovery, she did so with excitement and some trepidation. This would be breaking new ground for her. And, this was no obstacle as Anna approaches every goal with total commitment to facing any fears and growing through the process.

In the eBook:

The collection of creative experiences she compiled in this eBook is a compilation of some of the directives she refined through countless rounds of running groups as well as a result of other work she has done as an art therapist around recovery. These creative experiences are tried and tested.

Anna provides a comprehensive emotional safety preparedness toolkit to approach any emotional work you endeavor to do. She also offers guidelines for how to work with the art in a contained and safe way if you are not trained as an art therapist. This information alone is worth the price of the book!

This eBook is ideal for you if:

  • you are looking to supplement your recovery work in therapy or going to meetings.
  • you are a mental health professional running groups in the recovery community.
  • you are a client, past client or future client of Anna’s who would benefit from having a “go to” emotional toolkit (even if you are not in recovery!).

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